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Learning Chinese is challenging, especially in an environment where everyone speaks English.

The golden period for children to learn languages is between the ages of 4-7 years old. During this period, children have an increased ability of photographic memory and the ability to imitate what they have learnt. They tend to be more inclined towards pictures and toys rather than words and that’s why the traditional Chinese learning methods such as memorizing and reciting Chinese phrases are ineffective and painful for children. This will smother any passion they have for Chinese.
Singapore PSLE O'Level Chinese Tuition

Our Commitment to You

If you’re looking for the ideal Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore, with a focus on joyful learning, look no further than Le Xue Chinese Enrichment Class. We understand that every child deserves a paradise where they can reach their best potential while having a wonderful time doing it, therefore we incorporate fun and learning in our Chinese enrichment lessons, making Le Xue the best place in Singapore for Chinese learning. We accomplish academic performance while helping your child to love Chinese with the help of dedicated Chinese tutors and a curriculum based on the most recent MOE syllabus.
Singapore PSLE O'Level Chinese Tuition

Explore 5 of Our Exciting Chinese Enrichment Classes

Preschool 3R Independent Reader Program- Develop a genuine interest in Chinese while also able to Recognise, Remember & Read 1200 Chinese characters.

Primary School 3R Independent Reader Program- Nurture a talented and confident young reader by instilling a love of Chinese characters and reading.

3R Joyful Learning Enrichment Class- Concentrate on foundations such as word recognition while developing an interest in Chinese through picture storybooks, flashcards, speech and drama.

Composition, Oral & Comprehension Enrichment Class- Enhance your child’s Chinese composition, oral & comprehension in a joyful learning environment.

Le Xue"4-in-1" Chinese Enrichment Class- Help your child master the Chinese vocabulary and concepts, turning Chinese learning into an absolute joy.

Your Child's Fun Chinese Learning Journey Starts Here

Singapore PSLE O'Level Chinese Tuition
Are you unsure if we are the perfect Chinese enrichment class for your child? To provide the most appropriate preschool and primary school Chinese learning environment, we provide free diagnostic Chinese assessment to identify the following:

Redeem the free assessment and trial lesson to experience our engaging Chinese enrichment class now!

Hear From Other Parents

Are you unsure if we are the perfect Chinese enrichment class for your child? To provide the most appropriate preschool and primary school Chinese learning environment, we provide free diagnostic Chinese assessment to identify the following:
Yvonne Foo
Yvonne FooParent of Joel Wu ZhenYu
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A big thank you to all the teachers at Le Xue @Bishan. My boy joined in December 2020 and he has improved tremendously these few months. His attention span and ability to focus during lessons is much better now. From a quiet boy to responding/ interacting with his teacher and classmates. As parents, we are glad to see him improving with teacher's patience and guidance. I strongly recommend Le Xue to all parents who are deciding which Chinese enrichment school is suitable for their child.
Chun Guan Yeo
Chun Guan YeoParent of Lucas Yeo Joon Wu
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As we don't use Chinese regularly at home, we enrolled our son in Le Xue Bishan at the start of K1, hoping that regular guidance and exposure would help build his interest, confidence and fluency in CL, and prepare him for P1.
Over the last 2 years, I'm very happy to see him come out of his shell, now willingly answering questions in chinese, and even confident enough in his homework to choose to do his chinese work first ahead of his other subjects as he now finds it "easier to do" =)
The teachers and staff at Le Xue Chinese enrichment class are very devoted to their students, and regularly accompany their students to meet the parents at the entrance of the school, and give very detailed feedback on their child's progress. Even during the difficult covid lockdowns periods, Le Xue always proactively reached out to arrange classes (online and offline) and coordinated logistics to ensure we had the right material ahead of classes.
In a few months, he will be starting P1. I now have no worry about his ability to handle the P1 curriculum, and it's clear to me that he's also confident as well. Thank you all.
Su Fang Lim
Su Fang LimParent of Zechzry Yeo Cang Yu
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My 2 sons, now P3 and K2, have been attending Lexue Bishan Chinese enrichment class for over 2 years now. I've seen marked improvements in both of them. In particular, my elder son has been doing well in his school Chinese, making it to the "enrichment" class even though we hardly speak Chinese at home. My younger one is also able to read passages now with little guidance. I also like it that teachers regularly call us to provide feedback. The centre has also been very accommodating during the difficult COVID period, and even managed to find a common schedule for my 2 kids after, so I dont have to make multiple trips. Happy to have chosen Lexue Bishan Chinese enrichment class.
Christine Tew
Christine TewParent of 何恩萱
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First of all, I would like to thank the teachers and staff who are from Lexue Chinese enrichment class for their patience in teaching and loving Enxuan! Since my daughter taking classes in LeXue, her Chinese has improved significantly, and she has started to read Chinese books and fell in love with Chinese. As time goes on, she no longer resents going to Chinese tuition, and she looks forward to Le Xue Chinese enrichment classes every week. Thanks!

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