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Pre-School : 3R Independent Reader

Are you trying to encourage your English-speaking preschooler to read and speak Chinese with more confidence?
In Singapore, many parents are sick of searching for a Chinese Enrichment Class to let their children enjoy studying Chinese while still being well equipped for primary school.
Fred not! We have a fun way for you to inspire your child’s Chinese learning!

Introducing Le Xue Chinese Enrichment Class :

3R Independent Reader!

Le Xue 3R Independent Reader class is the best Chinese Enrichment Class in Singapore that combines play and exploration with a holistic Chinese learning programme to nurture your children’s interests in the Chinese language.
Our Chinese enrichment classes for preschool are specially curated by our experienced tutors in order to deliver a joyful Chinese learning environment to every preschooler in Singapore.
During the Chinese enrichment class, our Chinese tutors will emphasize Chinese learning through picture storybooks, flash cards, word games, songs, speech and drama, ensuring Chinese skills development that is fun and engaging for our children and preparing children for their future Chinese learning journey.

Be amazed when Magic Happens On Your Child!

Le Xue Education always believes in joyful learning. Our Chinese Enrichment Class combines fun with effective Chinese learning goals. When your children start to have fun with Le Xue Chinese Enrichment Class, magic will happen. Our activities and games are also curated to introduce preschoolers to new Chinese concepts and experiences while also reinforcing developmental abilities with a thirst for Chinese knowledge and learning.

Kickstart Your Children’s Chinese Learning Journey

At the first stage of learning Chinese, it is important for your child to learn how to Recognise, Remember, and Read Chinese characters in a fun and meaningful way. This allows them to learn Chinese up to 5 times faster and build a strong foundation to be an Independent Learner of the Chinese Language.
Singapore PSLE O'Level Chinese Tuition


Build A Strong Chinese Vocabulary Foundation

We have received a common question from parents in Singapore which is how to assist their young kids to expand their Chinese vocabulary. Long-term success in the Chinese Language requires a strong Chinese word recognition foundation, however many preschoolers only have short attention spans or they will forget the Chinese words after a while.
This is a typical issue, as studies have shown that we forget half of what we learn the next day and 70-80 per cent within a week. To tackle this issue, we’ve created a unique Chinese vocabulary learning method for your children in Singapore.
First is “” (Roots Recognition), your children will study the origin of how all Chinese characters are formed at this stage, which will enable your children to learn 5 times more characters and 5 times faster! Can you imagine your child learning 5 times faster than his peers?


Enhance Children's Memory

The next step after “认” (Recognition) is to enable your children “记”(Remember)the Chinese characters in different engaging ways. Our unique 3R method employs Mnemonic Play which consists of nine specially designed Chinese activities to incorporate the Chinese words that your children have recently recognised into creative activities.
Unlike other childcare centres where play activities are conducted randomly, Le Xue Chinese tutors understand that playing helps children to cultivate imagination and give them a sense of adventure, therefore we engage our students in different activities in their Chinese learning journey such as Chinese Speech & Drama, Songs, Flash Cards, Word Games etc.
With creative activities like Chinese speech and drama, your children will start to remember Chinese characters effectively as well as begin to speak Chinese more fluently. Most importantly, they will look forward to attending Le Xue Chinese enrichment class by associating Chinese with fun and games!


Generate Reading Habits Through Chinese Picture Storybooks

After the Read and Recognise process, now your children are interested and had a lot of fun remembering Chinese. The last part of the 3R process is Character-linked reading.
As a parent in Singapore, we know that children who do not read Chinese books mostly will suffer in Chinese comprehension and composition due to a limited Chinese vocabulary.
That is why our preschool Chinese Enrichment Class is here for your children. Our class encompasses unique character-linked reading in order to transform all of the Chinese vocabularies that have been recognised by your children to practical use and long-term memory.
Our Chinese tutors will utilize the Chinese image storybooks during the enrichment class and follow the same theme as what they just recognised (认) and remembered (记). Your children will begin to apply what they have learned through Character-Linked Reading of Chinese picture storybooks, and reading is even linked to fun for them.
Six months later, you’ll be surprised by your child’s transformation like many parents! Your children will be able to read Chinese storybooks by themselves and become independent readers!

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